Room Service

About Room Service

In a hotel room, Chris Campbell waits for a call girl to arrive. He is looking for an anonymous intimate experience, but when she arrives, it turns out to be Grace, a close childhood friend of his daughter. What was meant to be a simple affair is suddenly fraught with complications. How far is Mr. Campbell willing to go to get his needs met? Shot entirely in studio on a purpose built set, this award-winning short film is about power, and manipulation as it shifts between two people.

About the director

Tariq Nasir was born in New York to an American mother, and Palestinian father. His early years were spent growing up in Palestine until just after the six-day war when his family fled to Jordan as refugees.

In 2004 after a long career in the financial industry, Tariq decided to leave his position as the international sales director of a large investment firm to pursue his passion for filmmaking. He began by making documentaries, and produced and directed the critically acclaimed film belonging.

As an award-winning director with an MA in directing for film and TV, and a BBA in international business Tariq has always enjoyed bringing people, and stories of different cultures together. His work demonstrates a commitment to bringing human stories to life through documentary and narrative film.

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